Quoting Wesley: Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild

What does this mean? This I wonder while celebrating Jesus’s birthday.

What is mild? What is meek? So many things according to the dictionary.

Does this mean that Jesus was spineless? Or not serious?

So he was easy-going and lenient. Is that it?

Do we suggest cowed submissiveness here?

Docile? Placid?

Or was he forbearing, sympathetic and warm?

Or maybe peaceful and calm?

Affable and genial?

Ok, but where was he all this? Inside or outside?

Maybe he was meek on the outside but had the heart of a lion?

In that case could we suggest that he was …

That is enough!

No more questions.

And yes, I celebrate. Even with a conflict in my heart.


via Daily Prompt: Mild

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