Review: Carve out a career


Book Review: Alex by Alexander Stubb and Karo Hämäläinen


Yes! One name is enough in Finland. We know who is being talked about. Cai-Göran Alexander Stubb! Alexander Stubb has certainly carved out a career for himself, and he has not even finished working on it yet. He has worked with precision, diligence, confidence and skill to sculptor himself into an interlaced fretwork (of international politics) – and the reader of Alex will find that he also has two pieces of fretwork art on his walls. Unfortunately due to the nature of politics and man, Alexander Stubb has also been cut and then served to the public by the media.

Alexander Stubb is now working as a vice-president of the European Investment bank, but during his career, he has worked as an European politician as well as a national politician – including being the Prime Minister of Finland. He has yet to turn 50.

Alexander Stubb is a keen sportsman and believes in leading by example. His books – and no doubt this one as well – have encouraged other people to change their lives. He also values training of the mind, and development itself drives him on. This book can be recommended to politicians, sports people, leaders and the common man/woman regardless of his or her party. It is a positive look on how one can carve one’s self both physically, mentally and careerwise. But watch out, Karo Hämäläinen may have just helped Alex carve a small niche in your heart too!

I was wondering whether to give this book four or five stars. As I was  reading the second half of the book, I thought four, because I felt he was marketing himself and the language used was too familiar in nature (Condi = Condoleezza Rice). In the end I have to give five, as the book made me want to read it, there was good humour in it, it was fairly open and it certainly let me get to understand him and European politics better.

Book: Alex

Writers: Alexander Stubb and Karo Hämäläinen

Language: Finnish

Publisher: Otava

Pages: 304

Stars: 5/5

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