Finnish Breakfast for all – Oat Porridge

Oat porridge


We love oats. Oat Porridge is a very common breakfast for the common man as well as the top politician in Finland. The traditional way is to eat it with voisilmä – ‘an eye of butter/fat’. With berries galore, these are also added and perhaps cottage cheese too.  Chopped bananas and grated apple are also popular. The contemporary vegan version is served with dates, chopped almonds and almond milk.

Porridge is best cooked on the stove. 6 + 6 = 6 minutes simmering and 6 minutes sitting covered off the heat. Microwaving it is possible, but the porridge  is then not the same.  If you don’t want to cook – then how about making it in the fridge overnight. Tuorepuuro – Fresh Porridge is a growing trend in Finland. Just use less liquid.


Oat Porridge vegan


Oat åorridge cc+bb

Uncooked porridge oats below


The plate is not Finnish. It is English. But, these are the actual plates my mother bought and used. I don’t use them any more, as I have only a few left. My mother used to cook porridge every morning. Our cat Nöpö used to come in and sit behind her on a rocking chair. Yes, she was given the first portion with cold milk and soon the porridge would be just right to be devoured. My mother also made lovely porridge from rye flour, semolina, wholewheat, rice, mixed flakes… Mind you, porridge is not the only thing she served. I was also given ground peanuts mixed with raisins in a cup (my favorite) and fresh fruit on a plate. Sometimes even cake.  Boiled eggs appeared now and then. My mother showed her love through food. Luckily I run to school and back (over a mountain), so had no weight problems then.


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