Gingery Date Cake

Gingery Date Cake

I love dates. I love ginger. Why not put them together? Indeed it was a good combination.

I used semi-dried dates –  the kind we like to eat for dessert or with cereal in the morning. I had to take the stones out though, but in a way that was a relaxing task. Fresh ginger I have pretty well always in stock. I used a thumb size piece of it.

I use a Bamix for all these sort of things. My relationship with it is long. I was studying piano in England and my piano teacher took a group of us to a major Household Fair. She actually recommended Bamix, having bought it earlier herself. As I was getting married, I got one. I strangely enough bought a wig as well. The wig has long since gone and has not been replaced. The Bamix, however, has been replaced a few years ago with a new Bamix. But just to let you know, that when we were living a life of working abroad here and there, the Bamix travelled in my suitcase – with a Tupperware 2 litre measuring jug, that I used for many tasks. Believe it or not, I am not paid to say these things. I say them, because they work for me. Anyway, I used the liquidizing blade to whisk the eggs in. Good, good, good!

My baking tin is a German one. It is rather large and could have housed a bigger cake. I greased it with butter –  as always and sprinkled semolina all around it – as always.

Gingery Date Cake (2)


  1. I am rather partial to the combination of ginger and dates. Your ginger-date cake recipe will become part of the Goymer family’s culinary repertoire.

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