Indrish Colcannon

Indrish Colcannon

Colcannon is an Irish dish. It is a potato mash with cabbage and other greens. There are many variations of it.

I was brought up on potatoes and my mother used to make potato mash regularly. She boiled the potatoes and used the cooking water for something, as it is full of goodness. For mash she would, however, add mild and butter. I cannot remember her combining potato mash with cabbage. Her mash was smooth, not rough as the mash here.

My mother-in-law though me also some tasty recipes. One of these was fried cabbage with coconuts. It is an Indian recipe and so jeera (cumin) is an important ingredient.

So these two recipes with tender connections I wished to combine. The result was simply lovely. I am glad for both Irish and Indian cuisine – Indrish is a name I came up for this cross-cultural recipe.

Have a look at Indrish Cabbage Galette:

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