Pavlova Matcha

Pavlova Matcha lähik. I visited a tea shop on Monday. Matcha tea interested me and reminded me of my trip to Japan nearly two years ago. Matcha it is for my next Pavlova, I decided. It is so healthy and a lovely green too. What would go well with it? Strawberries seem to be chosen quite a bit by the Japanese. Keep it simple. So, only strawberries. Matcha into the cream – as then all the health benefits are kept.

We made some tea earlier today to have a taste and it was so strong, that I put only half a teaspoon in our cream filling. Matcha-lovers may wish to put in more.

What temperature? I googled James Martin, Mary Berry and some others to see about their Pavlovas. Even Anna Olson came to my screen after such a long long absence. She is so good to watch! James Martin does his Pavlova in a very low temperature. I did not dare to start like that, but started at 200 C, then lowered it to just under 100 C when I put the Pavlova in. Left it in overnight after an hour of baking. Told others not to open the oven. It was crisp outside and soft inside. Slightly eggy taste on the outside. Quite sweet as well. Will try just over hundred C for a shorter time next time.

I used vanilla sugar on the strawberries and they were really nice. I let then sit while I whisked the cream. I had passionfruit, but decided not to put any on top. You might like them on top or mixed with the cream.

Pavlova Matcha


Pavlova Macha


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