Finnish Karelia Pies

KP2 kuva

These are certainly a stable. They are a snack in every coffee shop. They are on sale in every food store. A celebration table will serve them happily too. Summer, autumn, Christmas… you name it. There they will be and usually with a bowl of egg butter next to them.

The traditional ones are made with rye flour, but the modern housewife will add the light coloured wheat ones to her shopping trolley pretty often. They are easier to make too, if you mix the flours together. I made some with 2 part rye to 1 part wheat. I also made some with 3 parts wheat to 1 of rye. Actually my rye flour was the kind dried in RIIHI/barn, so there was a strong taste and smell of rye.

You need a little dexterity with the rolling pin. It needs skill to make them thin, but do not worry – they are nice even if they are a bit on the thicker side.

This recipe makes about 10-12, but mine are not small. You can make double the amount of dough. There should be nearly enough porridge to go round. Or you can make really small cocktail ones. And if you prefer, you could fill them with potato mash instead of the rice porridge. Sometimes you see them made with barley porridge or cooked carrot mash mixed in the rice porridge. The carrot ones are actually quite nice. And Americans may like to experiment with pumpkin puree mixed in the rice porridge. The English may like to serve any of these these pies with marmite!

KP + munavoi Karelia Pies recipe

Parsley is a good garnish here. Enjoy!

Rice porridge – finished cooking – cooling now!


Good to eat on its own too.


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