Finnish Sweet Bread – Voisilmäpulla

Voisilmäpulla 1

I like pulla. Yes. Pulla and coffee is a standard treat for any Finn. There will be no celebration where it is not served in some form. This one has an ‘eye’ – as we call it – made with butter and sugar.

These are on the soft side. That is the way I like them. I put in only 7 dl – which is just under 3 cups – of flour in the second addition. So you might like to put in a bit over three cups of flour. Plus one does need flour when rolling. I do mine with one had as I like to relax. I can do it with both hands, as taught by mum, but the the rolling finishes sooner!

When making pulla, you can use more or less butter. Some make it even without eggs. But that is not the way my mum taught me. So always eggs in mine and sometimes also more butter. Here we have, of course, the eye, so I found this to be quite enough.

If you are in a hurry, you can just start kneading right away. I like to whisk mine first.

Hope you like these.




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