Saaristolaisleipä – Finnish archipelago Bread

saaristolaisleipä Saaristolaisleipä, the bread from the Finnish Archipelago is a favorite for my family. I usually buy it, but I have repeatedly been asked to make it. The verdict now was, that it was better than the shop bought, and not as dry.

This bread is actually surprisingly easy to make, as it is not kneaded. It does take time and it should not be eaten straight away either. One should wrap it in plastic and keep it in the fridge for two days. I kept it for one and then started with one loaf. It can be frozen as well. It is sweet and that is why I don’t buy it that often. Usually it is served with salmon for parties. I had mine with just plain butter.

As the Islands are many – so are the recipes. Many swear by using apple juice and many use wheat bran.


This is what my lovely malt looked like:

malt I made three loaves. You could make two, but then you would need to bake it for two hours, and baste it half an hour before finishing.

saaristolaisleipä uuniin



    • Hi, I don’t usually measure my flour. However, if one cup of flour weighs just over 120 grams (4 1/4 oz), two cups would be just over 250 grams or 8 1/2 oz. The dough is not not like regular bread. It is more wet.


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