Finnish Blueberry Mesh


Mustikkapöperö/Blueberry Mesh is my one of my favorite foods and sometimes with more flour or even more sugar added on the naughty days. It is probably an acquired taste and the roasted flour that is so good here is not easily available outside Finland. But if you can get good ‘talkkuna’, you are in for a treat – a treat my mother taught me to eat. Picking blueberries in the forest is also a special memory. Indeed, it is a healthy action too – for both body and mind.

What is talkkuna? It is a roasted flour made from grain. It can also be a mixture of grains or even like in my case a mixture of oats, barley and peas. Many Finns enjoy it throughout the year with buttermilk, yogurt or cultured milk. Some use it to make porridge. I have until now used it only with fresh forest blueberries, but am planning to widen my horizons come winter.

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