Blueberry Soup


Mustikkakiisseli or Blueberry Soup or Blueberry Pudding is  easy to digest. It cools you down in summer and warms you up in winter. You can buy it ready made in any grocery shop in Finland. You can also make it sugar free like my mum, if that is more to your liking. Blueberries are super good for you. Super food they say! Blueberry Soup is served in hospitals for dessert and sometimes for evening snacks. My mum used to make a good amount for us to have several times, as it keeps too. You could also make this with strawberries, raspberries or even rhubarb. Or mixed berries. Or prunes! Or mangoes!

Mustikkakiisseliresepti I served it here with whipped cream, but milk is also very good and indeed more common. Here I was spoiling myself a bit.

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