Easy Peasy Apple Pie

Apple Pie 2 Apples are now in season. Apples are, of course, eaten all the time. Apple Pies are made in various ways in various homes and countries. This recipe was created in reference to a comment made in my home. This comment included a wish for oats and cubed apple pieces on top. And butter… I had in my mind almonds already and was looking also for an easy way to do it all. And – I tell you we liked this. We liked how it was thin and balanced in flavor. We served ours with a custard sauce.

Apple Pie

The pie needs to rest before serving. There are no eggs, but you do not miss them. As you can see I decorated the dough before placing the apples on top. I needn’t have done this, but it was relaxing. So I used my fork. I did not peel my apple, as I wanted the red to show. There is a certain warmth to the apples then.



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