Apple Oat Cake

Apple Oat Cake Slice

Apples galore… Yes… Please…

This cake was inspired by a Finnish cake from Oulu, but ended up as being very different. My cake is made with ground flaked oats and just a bit of corn flour. So it will be suitable for those who wish not to eat wheat. Though I pretty well always use (wheat) semolina to flour my pan –  as my mother taught me. The oats make the cake moorish.

The apples are not fully cooked, so they are more fresh for taste. There is good amount  and if you prefer three is enough for many people. I am into apples full tilt just now, so this was just right for me. There is a good amount of vanilla sugar in here as well. And – I have to admit that I put vanilla sugar even in my cream.

If you like, you could try to bake the cake in a smaller (in diameter) cake tin and then cut it into three tiers. You would then have two layers of filling. You would need to bake the cake a bit longer and make a bit more custard filling.

Apple Oat Cake r

Apple Oat Cake

Here is the ‘sister’ for this cake -A Butterscotch Cake:

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