Book Review: The Blizzard by Ross Lynch

The Blizzard

I was looking for psychological horror and found this pretty quickly. It was cheap 1.23 USD, short, promising and quickly mine on Kindle. So there it was on my laptop and I went through it in three sittings within a day.

Ross Lynch is young, as he was born in the early nineties. He writes carefully it is claimed. He also writes fast as this book was done in months from a film script he had done earlier.

Ross Lynch moves you swiftly into the book and his pages are action packed. Well, there was less action and more talking in the middle, but this was still building the story, characters and even tension. The plot is well crafted and holds together. It is believable too. The epilogue was, however, a little bit of a puzzle. Was he trying to make one believe that this was actually a recount of real events? This is in conflict with what the tells you in the beginning. This was a bit of a let down. Also his use of language is still to develop, but I do believe he will be in it to make it. Why? His book was fun to read and there is certain humor, yes, in a horror story. There is also warmth. Yes, in a horror story.

What is psychological horror? The author uses mental and emotional instability of a character to create tension and fear in the reader. Usually more than one person is portrayed as possibilities for this, so the reader does not quite know what and who and where.

I do recommend the book and might actually read his  book The Farm. I am even tempted to give the book four, but three will do for now.

Book: The Blizzard

Author: Ross Lynch

Copyright: Ross Lynch

Published: 2018

Pages: 78


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