Vegan Spinach Pancakes

pletut 3

This is Finnish fast food. Not the vegan ones that is, but mine are vegan – my recipe is a vegan version of the Finnish favorite. Spinach pancakes are typically eaten with lingonberry jam. In fact they make a complete meal with mashed potatoes and a salad. Even schools serve it. The shop bought ones go easily into your mouth, but as someone just told me, homemade ones are thousand times better. The shop ones are small and round. These are roundish, but more free in form. I haven’t got one of those pans to make them evenly round. In fact, I prefer them this way. Only watch out that you do not fry them too long. They are done pretty quickly. There is no wheat in these either. So how about it? Spinach pancakes for supper!

pletut recipe


    • Soya flour is there to bind it – replacing eggs. Spelt will not do the same. You could try agar agar, but use less – use a tsp instead of a tbsp. Or chia seeds/flax seeds.


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