Red Kidney Bean Pasties

RKBP kuva

This harks back to one of our favorite recipes. We had it as a curry in Odense in an Indian restaurant on our way to France. Today I made it as a pastie. And yes, it was good this way too. In fact it was described as best ever pasties! I did forget to put in the fresh chopped coriander, so I served the pasties with one of our favorite salads. Simplicity itself! Chopped tomatoes, cucumber, onions and fresh coriander with a bit of sugar, salt and black pepper!

Red Kidney Pasties R

This is where it all began:

RBP 9   RBP 10

Can you guess what this is?

RBP 11 It is the combined melted butter and water!

This is what I got when I added salt and flour to it:

RBP 12

That went into the fridge and I started making the filling in a way I like to start many of my meals:



RBP 5   RBP 6


RBP 4    RBP 8

Red Kidney Beans, cream and corn flour …  OK. Let’s cool it!


Forming, rolling, brushing with egg, filling …

RKP täyttö 1   RKP täyttö 2   RKP täyttö 3

Going into the oven and coming out …

RKBP 1    rbp-2.jpg

Serving …

RKB täyttö 4    RKB valmis    rkbp-kuva1.jpg

Being satisfied 😊



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