Red Cabbage Rolls with Button Mushrooms

Red Cabbage Rolls kuva

These need to be cooked with love and time on your hands. But you will be rewarded with home gourmet and comfort food all-in-one. These should even please those who are not on such friendly terms with cooked cabbage. The rolls are mostly done with green cabbage, but just for the fun, mine are red/purple.

I served mine with Hasselback’s potatoes done with Parmesan and without the bread crumbs. The peas are frozen peas, that are just covered with boiling water and then left for a minute. This I learned to do as a young wife, from a lovely Danish lady Ida. This is my favorite way of serving peas. Nothing but peas in it! I do of course buy them when they are in season – in pods. But the season is not long enough! What is on top of the rolls? Lingonberry jam! Nam! It provides the necessary sharpness for balance.

Red Cabbage Rolls r

Red Cabbage Rolls kuva 2 Cooking the leaves was actually relaxing. I concentrated on the task. Then a clean cut for the cooler leaf!

Red Cabbeage Rolls kuva 5 I chose to prepare all the ingredients for the filling rather separately before combining them.

Red Cabbage Rolls kuva 4  Ready for the oven! Together!

This is the way I cut the potatoes. Not all the way!

Red Cabbage Rolls kuva 3

The origins are in the peasant cuisine! Still – Bon Appetit!




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