Three Recipes for Celebration 💙💙💙

Today Finland is 101 years old. Here are three recipes that can be included in Finnish celebrations: Half Naked Butterscotch Cake, A Savory Cake and the Karelian Pies. Suomi täyttää tänään 101 vuotta. Tässä on kolme juhlaan sopivaa suomalaista reseptiä: Kinuskikakku, voileipäkakku ja karjalanpiirakat.


Kinuskikakku – Half naked Butterscotch Cake

Kinuskikakku 17

A Savory Sandwich Cake – Voileipäkakku

Voileipäkakku Resepti

Karjalanpiirakat – Karelian Pies

KP + munavoi

Karelia Pies recipe.PNG

I used a barn dried kind of rye, so mine are on the dark side. They can be made with more wheat than rye too – a favorite of my mother-in-law. Or you could replace the rice filling with potato mash –  a favourite with my husband. Barley porridge is also a good candidate for substitution. Or would you prefer cooked and mashed carrots mixed with into the rice filling? I sometimes buy those in the shop for an afternoon snack with my coffee. These can be bought ready-to-bake (freezer) regular size as well as cocktail size.




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