My Top Six Books 2018

These are my top six books for this year. In alphabetical order!


Alex by Alexander Stubb and Karo Hämäläinen

This is the story so far of Alexander Stubb as told by himself in co-operation with Mr Hämäläinen. Alexander Stubb has been the Prime Minister of Finland a few years ago. At this moment he working in the European Investment Bank (EIB). His interests include EU and sports.

Falling for the Devil

Falling for the Devil by Britt Holmström

This story takes you back a few hundred years to the time of witch hunts. Know your Bible and you are in for a treat.


Fylgia by Birgitta Hjalmarson

This book tells the story of Anna. She was a young woman in the time of WW1. Sweden is the setting here. Highly descriptive and provides a satisfying process of reading in itself!

Lullaby kuva

Lullaby by Leila Slimani

A contemporary France invites you here. This writer is truly appreciated in France. High up! You need to brace up to deal with the social issues described. Death of a child is always hard too.

Kallen kansi paperikirja

Pacific Viking by Barnaby Allen

This book tells the story of Charlie Savage, who died in Fiji just over 200 years ago. Just plain beautiful writing and epic like East of Eden! The reader needs a strong mind to deal with cannibalism! Be immersed in historical fiction!

The Summer Book

Summer Book by Tove Jansson

I read this in the summer, but maybe that is just what you need in winter. Something to really take you to the white nights of the Finnish archipelago. This book is for adults, but Tove Jansson is widely known for her Moomin stories.

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