Papanasi – Romanian Cheese Doughnut

cc munkki kuva
Forget the spoon, use your fingers!

This is a recipe that sound really different, yet is actually quite simple. Cottage cheese is there… I will have to try this. My mother was certainly the queen of doughnuts and I have so many happy memories about ring doughnuts. Now she is, however, baking with the angels.

UPDATE 18.2. I tried these today. I used cardamom instead of vanilla. I didn’t remember to add baking powder, as in Finland we do not buy it combined.  I added a bit of salt, as I often find that it works well even with sweet things. The flavour needs some sugar, I think, but the jam makes it sweet enough to eat. Also I notice now that mine are darker. Best part was cutting them out with my scone cutter and a biscuit cutter!

via Papanasi – Romanian Cheese Doughnut


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