Book Review: Akea – The Power of Destiny by Elizabeth Jade


I bought this short book as a result of Elizabeth Jade’s mother advertising it at Book Connectors on FB. That was some time ago. I read half of it earlier and finished it today on the second day of my summer holiday.  My summer vacation is pretty long and believe me, it needs to be so. So Akea was an easy start for my reading. Actually I am far behind with my reading goals, so my plan is to at least do some catching up. I have quite a few books waiting, but sometimes I choose other books. There needs to be certain freedom in the selection.

Akea – The Power of Destiny is a children’s book. It is recommend for children between the ages of 8 – 12 years of age. Akea is half wolf and half husky. What does it mean to be husky? How does being wolf  sit with that? So there is a search for identity. Destiny is also connected to this search.

The book starts by Akea being named. Akea is a strong female and she soon needs to make the choices that lead her in her search for her destiny. There are others that are instrumental in this  development, and there are also expectations of her that she needs to fulfill.  She receives help along the way, but she also has to fend for herself and others.

The story is endearing. One can imagine the scenes. One wishes good things for Akea. The writing is easy enough to follow, even though it does not always flow as well as it could. The solutions are perhaps a little predictable. There is enough suspense for a child, but there is also some cruelty that is an unavoidably part of this kind of setting. What is nice, is that the story is told from animal’s own perspective.

Elizabeth Jade is a young British woman. She too has struggled in her life. It is only a few years ago that she was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. It is through the feedback from Akea, that her family has made the connections to Elizabeth’s own life. It will be interesting to see how the story continues, as this it what Elizabeth Jade is now doing.

STAR: 3/5

PUBLISHER: i2i Publishing


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