Book Review: Kim, Leon, and The Sky Path to Africa by Barnaby Allen

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Barnaby Allen loved Suffolk. He lived there as a young man. Indeed we walked together along the river Star. Many times! We drove around the narrow lanes. Admired the fields, the thatched cottages and the impressive churches.

It is not surprising that he would have chosen Suffolk as a setting for his historical fantasy for children. It is not surprising that he would have chosen also Africa to star in the novel. He worked there, as did his father before Barnaby was born. He could have chosen India or Fiji. They both had connections to those places too. Maybe he would have in time. If he had lived. You see, he told me about the books he read as a child. My Home in India, My Home in Sweden… Well, I can’t remember the exact titles, but they were books about different countries. He loved these books. So maybe he wanted to create this world in his writing.

Kim, Leon and The Sky Path to Africa is a wonderful story of a little boy and his pet donkey. They both live on a farm in Suffolk. One rainy day finds them on an adventure. An adventure that includes slave ships, African royalty, ju-ju, danger, fear and excitement. As it is historical, the setting  moves back in time too.

I love the writing. It is simply beautiful. It is almost poetic. There is peace. Understanding. Wisdom. Even knowledge. But, I am biased. I loved Barnaby. Still do. He lives in my heart. That is why the words speak to me. Maybe more than to someone else.

As you probably understand, it is impossible for me to give Kim, Leon, and The Sky Path to Africa anything but five stars. I am not completely alone in this. A reviewer from Reader’s Favorite also gave five stars. And it did make it to #1 New release in its category on Amazon. I invite you now to form your own opinion. I would be heartily pleased for you to download your free (14.6 – 16.6) copy below:

Kim, Leon, and The Sky Path to Africa also includes tasks. Even that of designing the cover. I have added the tasks, so that the book could easily be used as a textbook in a primary or a middle school classroom.

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At the moment I am on my Finnish teacher’s long summer break. What do you think I am doing? I am working on simplifying Kim, Leon, and The Sky Path, so that ESL pupils and those with reading difficulties might find this book a joy for them as well.

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You might be interested to know that I have been waiting for this book for years. As a student of literature (and history and theology), Barnaby wrote a short story few pages long about Leonie. I recognized the talent. For years I urged him to write. When he did, he wrote about Charlie Savage in Pacific Viking. That took some years. But, here is Leonie the pig – turned into Leon the donkey! Still wise…

Hope you enjoy it!

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