Happy Publication Day

KIM easy read cover kuva jakoon

Happy Publication Day to Kim, Leon, and The Sky Path To Africa!

The EASY READ version is here now!


Kim and Leon live on a farm in Suffolk, England.

Kim is a schoolboy and Leon is his pet donkey.

A rainy day encounter leads them on an adventure far away in Africa.

Along the way there are dangers,

and fears about who can be trusted.

There is also the threatening presence of a slave ship, looming in the bay.


Barnaby Allen was a teacher of English and history.

In this historical fantasy he beautifully combines suspense with an immersion in history.

This book comes with tasks of writing, acting and drawing.

This is a simplified version of the original book.

It suits especially ESL pupils.


Click bottom left for your copy of this delightful suspense & historical fantasy for children, adults and ESL readers :


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