Finnish Strawberry Brita Cake

Strawberry Brita Cake kuva This is a summer Strawberry Cake with a twist. It has usually two layers. They are baked as one and then cut in half. Each layer is also two layers melded together. There is a cake layer on the bottom and a almond flake decorated merangue on top. Usually you can see the almond flakes, but I had so much cream that it pretty well took over. You could use less – quite a bit less. You need the cream only for the filling, if you are honest… You can manage with less strawbs as well, but not today…

Strawberry Brita Cake

I baked mine in a loose bottom round cake tin. Usually Brita Cake is rectangle. When cut, and placed in layers, my cake became a half moon.

My Brita cake is also on the small side, if you can believe me. You can double up for  larger cake. Well, everything else but the cream. In fact if you like you could replace some of the cream with quark. If you double up, you can bake your Brita Cake in a lined oven baking tray. Remember that the layers are pretty thin. That way they get done. This is not a thick cake. Some prefer to bake the cake layer first for 10 mins. and then add the merangue on top before continuing.

Here is a link for Dan Sukker, so you can see how it looks when you don’t put cream on top.

Here is another link for a video of how to make it and end up with a high one!


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