Beetroot Salad

59 Beetroot Salad

It is getting colder and darker. Yesterday children were excited, as it snowed! Not enough snow to cover the ground, but snow flakes could be seen falling! Yes, winter is coming! That means that Christmas is getting closer too. This year I notice that I am waiting for it. Time with family, decorations and special food – even entertaining board/card games and familiar carols! Warmth for the soul, mind and body…

Beetroot Salad is a crucial part of a Finnish Christmas. It is often homemade, but can be bought as well as other Christmas foods. There is no reason not to enjoy it at other times, and many indeed eat it through the year. It is healthy and filling. Sometimes I just make a meal of it with a bit of feta or goat cheese and possibly sunflower seeds. Many people enjoy it with pickled herring. Not me, though I have tasted it like that years ago. My mother never served it with herring either. Possibly with more beetroot though! You know, my mother loved cooking and showed her love through food.


For celebrations you definately want to have the accompanying cream. For everyday meals you might wish to forget it. Or you could replace it with yogurt.


Rosolli is the Finnish name for Beetroot Salad. You might also like my Beetroot Tart:

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