CAP – A Way To Market Your Book

PV Different Worlds CAP2 I watch Netflix. I admit it. It entertains, but it is also possible to learn things. For example in the Criminal: France I learned that CAP is used for sales. So here goes for a simple explanation and three booky examples of C, A and P:

C – Characteristics – Introduce central characteristics of your book. For my example I chose beautiful writing, sound historical research and knowledge of localities.

A – Advantages – Tell the reader the advantages of reading the book. For my example I told the reader that they would learn about cannibalism.  Also I told that they would experience being immersed in the story of Charlie Savage.

P – Proof – Here it is best to produce some proof of the qualities talked about. I used a quote from recieved reviews to back me up.

I used a PP to create a kind of postcard:

PV Different Worlds

I then took a screen shot of it and pasted it on to Paint. I cropped it to size, saved it and then added more text. Saved again… a few times… until it was right… Well. Learning all the time, so let’s see what future brings…

How about listening to the first chapter of Pacific Viking:



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