Book Review: Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella


I am waiting for christmas this year. Still wondering how to spend it and whether I will be arranging it! But still, waiting! In Sophie Kinsella’s new book Christmas Shopaholic Becky will be arranging it. So here is a treat in store for all Kinsella and chick lit fans! Just the right time to read or listen to Christmas Shopaholic! My second Kinsella book. The first one I got from staff room give aways some years back!

I actually got the audible of Christmas Shopaholic on the very day it was published, the 17th of October. Also started it the same day, and was really pleased too. Then I found that an hour of it was enough for one time. Listened on a few shorter occasions in the following days and then sort of forgot about the book. This weekend I attended some training courses for work, but still found the time to get back on it. And I also had some long distance driving to do today.

What did I like about the book? Well firstly, it is funny, of course. Even tediously so at times. It is such a light-hearted peck at our shopping habits, our jealousies, our wishes and our keeping-up-appearances. Family ties and friendships too! Secondly, it is a British book and some of the shopping takes place in London. This reminds me of my youth – a time when I was a student there and could go round Marks, Selfridges, even Harrods at a whim… And I can also identify with the quiet British countryside scenes. Thirdly Christmas Shopaholic moves along nicely. Things are happening. There are twists and surprises, as well as the plain obvious to wait for. Fourthly it is perceptive. You know that things are so, when Kinsella puts ideas in front of you. Fiftly it is hard not to like Becky. Most people probably do not identify themselves as Becky, but they still wish good things for her. It is also comforting that she is loved despite it all. So the book looks after the readers security needs as well. Sixtly the writing is nicely descriptive and Kinsella creates a believable world with an individualistic voice. Nathalie Buscombe narratates it in style too! Lastly the book makes you feel good. Such a lovely resolution!

STARS: 4/5

How about wearing christmas jumpers and gathering together to make gingerbread houses. Perhaps singing favorite carols along with CD:s/spotify lists as well…

ugly-christmas-sweater-3791072_1920.pngPixabay pictures – both above and below  gingerbread-house-1101454_1920

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