Book Review: Grace is Gone by Emily Elgar

Grace is Gone

Welcoming here the start of this book! Well, I have actually finished it. But you might like to start it. It is an easy- read or an easy-to-listen-to-book. I saw Grace is Gone by the British writer Emily Elgar on a blog some days ago and as I had an audio credit available, I was caught. No worries! Grace is Gone was entertaining and kept me interested too. What was also of interest was that it was sort of based on the experiences of Gypsy Rose in USA. I googled Gypsy Rose only after finishing Grace is Gone and found that the stories are not exactly the same, but close enough. The setting in Grace is Gone is UK.  So this is, of course, one of the major differences. Other differences I believe Emily Elgar chooses to use in order to strenghten the story. I give this book three stars out of five. It was also read well, though towards the end the emotional expressions become a bit weary.

Grace lives with her mother. One day a family friend finds the mother dead, murdered, in her bed. Grace, the disabled daughter, is missing. There is a diary on the floor. Mystery, that grips the whole community, starts!

Books that are inspired by real life events are interesting in their own way. I have read fiction like that before. Three of my top reads inspired by real life events/lives have been Birgitta Hjalmarsson’s Fylgia, Lullaby by Leila Slimani and Pacific Viking by Barnaby Allen. See my reviews for these below:


Lullaby kuva

PV kansi pk

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