Finnish Cream Cake – Kermakakku

Äidin kermakakku

Happy Mother’s Day! My mom used to make cream cakes like this. Whipped cream was on top and the cream was then topped with grated Fazer Blue. Any Finn will know the Blue and identify it as chocolate. Jam was inside as well as sliced bananas. We liked raspberry jam for some reason. Strawberries go well with this cake too and are indeed a popular choice. But them you might like to omit the chocolate… Even mixed berries could be used with just whipped cream. But the whipped cream is a must. I only got into iced cakes when I went to study in England and then on the very next day met my future husband. But back to my mom. Her cakes were good and she liked cooking, so I was brought up on home cooking. My mother showed her love through food. She made a good home for us. Let’s celebrate our moms today! Here is my recipe:



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