Book Review: A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen

He has been lucky! James or Bob? Well, both really. They have been loved. By each other! And they both have been saved. Saved from the streets. James too from drugs. Something James Bowen credits Bob for.

A Street Cat Named Bob

But then look! What a lovely cat! So wise, kind and strongminded too! He made sure to latch on to James Bowen. James, who found it, nursed it and cared for him in the ways Bob appreciated.

A Street Cat Named Bob is a bestseller book by James Bowen. A book that was first initiated by a lady working in publishing, a lady who used to greet Bob on the streets for some time before becoming fascinated by Bob and then sensing the opportunity of a book lurking about there too! It is good that James Bowen had to courage to jump into the publishing wagon. Bob makes a good story and he makes you smile. The harder part of the book is getting to know about life on the streets and in the clucthes of drugs – and the fight to leave drugs behind!

I bought the book around the time Bob died. Got to know about it on social media somehow. Didn’t know about Bob before his death. Did not even know about the film made of him and James. But just had to give the book a chance. Have had a few cats in my life too. Only owned one dog –  though have just spent the whole of my long summer vacation dog sitting a labrador. And missing the shared walks just now… Have mourned cats too and know James Bowen will be in mourning too just now.

A Street Cat Named Bob gets four stars out of five from me. The warm sunny feeling that Bob gives you makes the book worth reading or listening to. The story will draw you in. A And there is fun and action along the growth line too! I listened James Bowen as he read it and I would also recommend the audible version, as through the author’s own voice you get an added dimension in the experience. But here now is Bob through youtube…


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