Curly Kale Salad

Curly Kale Salad

New year at work has started. I have had a lovely summer break. Long at that too. Mostly just lazing about. Few good trips locally either alone or with little company. One good trip was to see the Finnish Archipelago and an other visiting a small country church with a brown lushious labrador for company. He made a good companion walking around the church and the small intimate church yard in summer sun. He made a good companion walking around the local roads, forests and fields nearby on most weekdays too. You see, I was dog sitting this summer. That is a good way to share a dog. And help the dog through the days, when then owner has got a summer job. And, walking, talking to the dog, looking at the leaves and clouds and enjoying the sun or misty rain all around is good for you too. A slice of cake is good too now and then…

Thinking along these lines and facing corona athmosphere at work, I have started taking my own lunches to school. A buffet is considered a high risk activity and so wishing to do my best to avoid corona, I have chosen to avoid the healthy school buffet offered for our pupils free and staff with just the tax bit to add to earnings… I still supervise the lunch, but eat my own food.

So looking for healthy options is of interest. Curly kale certainly fits that description. Here I partner it with things I value like, apricots, raisins and almonds… not forgetting lemon…

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