Book Review: The Pecan Man by Cassie Dandridge Selleck

I have had a good day. A Saturday relaxing. I started The Pecan Man this morning as I was ironing and then continued with it, as I sewed a new dress for myself by hand, made coffee with squeaky cheese, enjoyed an aloo paratha and even just layed back on my sun lounger with my eyes closed listening to Suzanne Toren reading The Pecan Man by Cassie Dendridge Selleck. I especially appreciated Suzanne Toren’s approach to her reading. There was no rush and her voice suited the main charachter, who talks in first person in the book. It was easy to picture a world through an older lady looking back in time to events that first took place in 1976.

The Pecan Man is a well crafted book. The story holds you, the pacing is good and most importantly the descriptive writing lets you enter the world/home shared by Ora Lee and Blanche. There are also social themes of racial issues that will be of interest to many readers. Interestingly the view point here includes facing one’s own racist thoughts. Looking after people close to you is also endearing. This is how one can bring joy to one’s life. Even at difficult moments. Life can throw things at you and you need to then face them. Not facing them or lying about them will be something that only needs to be cleared later. To clear the conscience. To make it right. To take responsibility for one’s actions too.

Cassie Dendridge Selleck is a self-publishing American author living in Florida. The Pecan Man is her first book and there is now a sequel to it: The Truth About Grace. They both represent Southern fiction. Interestingly The Pecan Man has made money for the author. The theory is that Amazon algorithms and her character formation help here. This certainly proved true in my case. Amazon suggested the book to me and I wished to know what happened to the characters once I had the book. I recommend The Pecan Man to all readers who enjoy a classical touch in their reading.

STARS: 5/5


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