Book Review: Becoming by Michelle Obama

chicago-1756808_1920 Pixabay

Michelle Obama loves Chicago. It is her hometown – the south side of it. So a big part of the book is centered around Chicago – something to return to daily from campaign trips or during holidays while studying years away from it.  It is where she started her working life, met her husband and nursed her babies.

Michelle Obama is organized and in her own words a detail person. This is what comes through also in her book – Becoming. One can imagine her sitting down and planning the book. Ok –  family, relatives downstairs + , piano lesson, first performance, school, friends… and yes, the first kiss. This first kiss was also organized.

Michelle Obama is black (a word she uses herself). Her ethnic background is important to her. She believes in working hard for her race and equality. She wants to challenge the stereotypes about blacks. She certainly encourages African Americans by her example and even with personally spoken words and hugs.

Michelle Obama has achieved a lot. She has planted many seeds. The fruit of which may never be known to her. Not only on racial issues, but also as a woman and a mother. Her story should be read by all women and all blacks. White and mixed men could also benefit. She is a strong and a go-ahead-person despite her insecurities. She is willing to work towards continually bettering her own self – becoming.

I enjoyed the first part of the book. It was good to hear her voice. The book was, however, a little long and a little more defensive (especially clear listening to the audio) than I had hoped for. I am also aware that writing books is a way of making money for Obamas – as was Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama. In my continuing support the Obamas financially, I have today purchased Dreams from My Father. So there!

STARS: 4/5

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