Pea Soup

9-pea-soup.jpgPea Soup – hernekeitto – is a stable in Finland. The army serves it. It is economical and it is nutritious. It is also good and actually probably a comfort food for quite a many Finn. It can be made totally without meat and, believe me, I don’t miss the meat at all. Pea Soup is generally served with oven pancake – pannari – as dessert. It is on many often on Thursdays. Yes, I have been to a lovely restaurant many times on a Thursday just to eat this and a slice or two of the pancake with strawberry jam and whipped cream. And a cup of coffee. And I have invited friends and family on these occasions to join me… Long discussions over good food… But, yes, I have made it at home too!

Pea Soup recipe

I like to write my recipes like this. It makes it all so easy-to-read. Is this only my opinion, I wonder? Here is a picture to show you how to read the recipe.

How to read

More recipes like this in my Read Less… Cook More book.

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