Pavlova Miss Penny Delight

photo (35)This is it. This is the Pavlova for me. It is both crips and chewy. And sometimes more is really more – I put double the amount of cream. I had halved more grapes and chopped up a couple of kiwis, but they did not fit on top. I had some on the side with my second slice – not that it needs it, but kiwis change the tone a bit. Yes. It was really a delight. So Miss Delight it will be. Just make sure your mango is nicely ripe!

Penny comes from the fact, that it is really easy to make. I whisked it by hand. Got things ready. Somehow I prefer doing it by hand. I feel the connection with time. In so many kitchens it has been made with careful love.

I like to cut a circle and place this on top a second parchment paper. The circle guides me and it also helps when I move it on to the serving plate. My circle was about 24 cm, but my Pavlova was about 19 cm. It is good to have the Pavlova a bit thicker, so it does not dry out, and you get you nougat-like bites too.

Pavlova V 1

Pavlova Miss Penny Delight delights! Lemon balm leaves as garnish!Pavlova PD

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